twinSys uncemented

twinSys uncemented


twinSys uncemented

The basic design of the twinSys stem system is based on the straight-stem prosthesis concept by Prof. Maurice E. Müller. The twinSys system has been distributed since 2003 with the aim of enabling surgeons to perform cemented and uncemented implan-tation with a single instrumentation.

The uncemented twinSys stem is a straight monoblock prosthesis available in XS, Standard, Lateral and Long versions. It has a triply conical stem geometry and a pronounced proximal rib structure to counteract forces acting axially on the stem. The stem design strives to achieve primary pressfit anchoring in the proximal cancellous bone. Data from a study conducted specifically to this end show that the twinSys stem design reduces the risk of postoperative subsidence and provides secondary stability.

The selected cross-sectional geometry increases the stability of the implant against rotational forces acting on it.1 In order to counteract premature distal stem locking and reduce the risk of femoral pain, the stem is provided with a tapered distal prosthesis tip.

Using the plasma spray process, a hydroxyapatite coating is applied to the corundum-blasted surface in order to support osseointegration of the implant into the bone.2

The optimys stem, in combination with a Mathys ceramic head and the RM Pressfit vitamys cup, is known as the bonepreservation system.

  • Same instrumentation for implantation of the cemented and uncemented stems
  • Triply conical design to convert shear forces into compressive forces and achieve good primary stability1
  • Proximal rib structure with the aim of reducing postoperative subsidence1
  • Support of osseointegration by the hydroxyapatite coating2
  • 7 A* ODEP Rating3
  1. Clauss, M., et al., Prospective five-year subsidence analysis of a cementless fully hydroxyapatite-coated femoral hip arthroplasty component. Hip Int, 2014. 24(1): p. 91-7.
  2. Wintermantel E. and Ha S.W. Medizintechnik, Life Science Engineering. Book, 2009. 5. Auflage.
  3. Latest ODEP ratings can be found at


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