Affinis® Architec

Affinis® Architec


Affinis® Architec

3D planning and patient specific glenoid guide

The Affinis Architec system features 3D planning and patient specific instruments (PSI) for the anatomic as well as the reverse Mathys shoulder portfolio.

Clinical challenges

  • Few reliable bony landmarks to identify exact size and orientation of the residual glenoid vault1
  • Small surgical window and limited exposure
  • Abnormal glenoid morphology in around 40 % of cases2
  • Challenging glenoid component placement3 as malpositioning is linked to increased radiolucent lines and poor clinical performance4
  • Adapt planning to your patients’ needs and individual morphology
  • CT based 3D remodelling to visualise bony anatomy and preferred implant position
  • Patented coracoid clip referencing reliable landmark and ensuring unique guide fit
  • Small overall design allowing visibility on glenoid during guide use
  • Accurate method in reproducing the surgical plan5
  • Central pin guidance and indication of implant rotation
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