Nano engineered biomimetic composite material

Nano HA attracts the biomolecules essential for the recruitment of cells.

Micro homogeneous porosity and surface roughness aids cell attachment and nutrient transfer.

Macro structured biphasic component supports ingrowth of bone and the regeneration process.

The EXABONE PUTTY nano HA constituent has a surface area that is 50 to 100 times greater than traditional synthetic bone graft and encourages a quick initial vascularization and integration. The biphasic granule constituent is fully interconnected and provides support during bone formation and remodelling phases.


Reliability & consistent performance

The osteostimulative effects of the hydroxyapatite nano particles encourages osteogenesis.

The ultra-high molecular surface area attracts and adsorbs the natural bone growth promoters available at the implant site.

The active biphasic granules provide stability and a longer term scaffold until full remodelling.

Clinical applications

Requires no mixing. Pre-loaded in a convenient applicator ready for direct placement into the defect. The aqueous based composite is malleable and easily molded by hand as needed.

EXABONE PUTTY is designed for use in a broad range of non-load bearing osseous defects such as: spinal surgery (cage filling), osteotomies, bone cavity and defect filling, metaphyseal fractures, acetabulum reconstruction.

EXABONE PUTTY can be mixed with autologous or synthetic bone or bone marrow aspirate.

The healing process starts by rapid colonization of the implant due to close contact with the viable bone at the implant interface.

The 3 stage resorption ensures stimulation and support throughout the healing process.

The biphasic granules remain until the bone matures and consolidates alongside cell mediated resorption.


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