Affinis® Fracture/Affinis® Fracture Inverse

Affinis® Fracture/Affinis® Fracture Inverse


Affinis® Fracture/Affinis® Fracture Inverse

Modular platform system

Treatment with Affinis Fracture or Affinis Fracture Inverse is indicated in fractures of the humeral head which are difficult to reconstruct. The modular platform system allows intraoperative decision-making and the conversion from a hemiprosthesis to an inverse prosthesis and vice-versa.

The Affinis Fracture System is based on a cemented stem and allows conversion after poor healing of a primary implant into an inverse prosthesis. A securely anchored stem can be left in situ. In addition, the modularity allows the surgeon to decide between a hemiprosthesis or an inverse prosthesis during surgery.

A proven spike surface structure, covered with a bioactive calcium phosphate coating, supports tuberosity anchoring: The calcium phosphate coating remodels into autologous bone within 6 to 12 weeks after implantation and promotes quick osseointegration.1

The middle component on the humeral side of both versions allows continuous height adjustment on the stem up to 10mm; the retroversion can also be freely adjusted. With these options the patient’s individual ligamentous balance can be taken into account.

  • Continuous height and rotation adjustment
  • Modular platform system for less invasive revision surgeries
  • Bioactive calcium phosphate coating for improved ingrowth of the tuberosities
  • Polished drill holes for suture or cable fixation
  • Primary stem cementing
  1. Schwarz M.L.K., M.;Rose, S.;Becker, K.;Lenz, T.;Jani, L. Effect of surface roughness, porosity, and a resorbable calcium phosphate coating on osseointegration of titanium in a minipig model. J Biomed Mater Res A, 2009. 89(3): p. 667-78.))


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