ELiS CMCJ Replacement

ELiS CMCJ Replacement


ELiS CMCJ Replacement

Total replacement of trapezium-metacarp joint

The ELiS carpometacarpal joint replacement (CMC) was designed based on modern knowledge and current experience with similar types of replacements. It allows for simple and precise fixation of the implant with minimal bone resection with an option for trapezium replacement if necessary.

Meticulous design of the articulating joint surfaces ensures maximum range of motion with immediate excellent functional stability, while the proprietary implant surface treatment enhances fixation and ensures optimal bone integration.

The ELiS system comprises an extensive range of stem and cup sizes combined with straight and offset necks to allow the surgeon to solve all situations that may arise during both primary and revision joint replacement operations.

Extensive instrumentation allows for precise and reproducible implant placement and positioning. ELiS is designed to allow all commonly encountered problems to be solved using simple, well defined and logical steps.


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