Cup system

The aneXys cup system is a modular uncemented cup option for hip replacement surgery. It offers a wide range of component combinations to accommodate the individual patient anatomical requirements and functional demands.

The equatorial oversizing, in combination with the macro-structured, titanium-coated and porous surface allows the cup to achieve high mechanical primary stability. The porosity of the coating is up to 50%, thereby providing good conditions for the biological integration of the implant in the pelvic bone.

The modular inlays are made of vitamys or ceramys. vitamys is a highly cross-linked polyethylene stabilised with vitamin E (VEPE). ceramys is a dispersion ceramic (ATZ) made of a homogeneous mixture of 80% yttriumoxide stabilized zirconia and 20% alumina and contains no other additives.

Intraoperative flexibility in the selection of the cup (aneXys Flex, aneXys Uno, aneXys Cluster or aneXys Multi) and inlay (vitamys, ceramys) in combination with a well-designed, modular instrument set allows an efficient workflow with all commonly used surgical approaches.

  • Serrated macrostructure for a high degree of tilting and rotational stability1
  • Microporous titanium coating to promote bony integration
  • Reliable inlay anchorage via taper connection
  • Soft and hard bearing option
  • Possibility of supplemental screw fixation
  1. Data on File at Mathys Ltd Bettlach


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