Adaptable® Arm

Adaptable® Arm


Adaptable® Arm

Mobile. Versatile. Total Control.

ADAPTABLE® is the first fully-sterile, surgeon-controlled limb and retractor holder designed for a safe total hip arthroplasty, highly efficient knee surgery, and convenient patient positioning in upper extremity arthroplasty and sports medicine procedures. The fully-mechanical carbon fiber surgical arm works seamlessly with any standard operating table and has the ability to reduce the number of assistants in the operating room. ADAPTABLE is easy to set up, transport, and store.


Fully mechanical, lightweight, carbon fibre design is easy to set-up, transport, and store. Attaches to any standard theatre room table without needing any special adapters.


Efficient solution designed for unconstrained movement of the shoulder, knee, and hip during arthroplasty.


Feather-Touch Handle enables the surgeon to control the arm, leg, and retractor holder without additional assistance, and quick release allows for manual ROM assessment.

Adaptable® Arm Overview


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