Spaceflex Shoulder

Spaceflex Shoulder


Spaceflex Shoulder

G21 designs and manufactures an innovative method to help the treatment of periprosthetic PJIs infection by combining the reliability and safety of a preformed spacer, with the versatility of a dynamic spacer made during the surgery, with the possibility to add antibiotics to customise the infection treatment.

SpaceFlex Mold System supports the surgeons in selecting an effective and customised solution in terms of size modularity and antibiotic activity through the antibiotic addition to the G3™/G3A™ cement used to make it.

The result of the SpaceFlex Molds and G21 cement combination is a real custom-modular spacer, realised directly in the theatre room based on the patient’s needs.

EASY AND FAST TO CREATE. The spacer is ready in 15 minutes, thanks to easy-to-use instrument kits.

MODULAR. Dimensions: possibility to customise the final Spacers dimensions on the real patient’s needs, based on the removed implant and the patient’s anatomy.

RELIABLE. Thanks to the specific design of the final spacer, its articulation and mechanical performance are comparable to that of its competitors.

SAFETY. Easy and user-friendly preparation without the use of a scalpel or other sharp tools.

SpaceFlex Shoulder is composed by a simple reusable instrument kit and disposable sterile modular moulds with a metal stem as core reinforcement.

Modularity available directly in the theatre room is one of the key points of the G21 SpaceFlex line.

The 46 Different Configurations available for the shoulder spacer are given by the possibility to combine different sizes of:

  • 4 Stem diameters (8, 10, 12, 14 mm) to be decided when ordering SpaceFlex Shoulder;
  • 2 Head diameters having correspondent fixed offset (42 mm (fix offset 15mm) & 48 mm (fix offset 18mm)) to be decided when ordering SpaceFlex Shoulder;
  • 9 Stem length (90, 100, 110, 120, 130, 140, 150, 160, 170 mm) to be decided and realised during the surgery, based on the modularity allowed by the system.


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