Osteotec and G21 announce new partnership

We’re delighted to announce our new partnership with G21 Srl as the exclusive distributor for the SpaceFlex Shoulder Spacer in the UK.

The combination of G21’s low viscosity bone cement and the customisable configuration of the SpaceFlex Shoulder mold creates an effective and customisable solution for surgeons, with up to 46 modular shoulder spacer configurations within a single reusable instrument kit.

The low polymerisation temperature of the bone cement ensures a smooth surface between the humeral head and the glenoid cavity, minimising friction during motion.

Easy and fast to create, the spacer is ready in 15 minutes thanks to easy-to-use instrument kits that allow safe and user-friendly preparation without the use of scalpels or other sharp tools.

A modular design allows for the customisation of the final Spacer dimensions based on the removed implant and patient anatomy to suit the real patient’s needs.

Created to fit the patient quickly and easily on the back table during the operation, this is the latest exciting addition to the Osteotec portfolio offering comprehensive upper extremities solutions for our clients.

To find out more or request a demonstration, please get in touch with our sales team.